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Find out what travelers with a purpose are raving about!  "Smiling at the World: A Woman’s Passionate Quest for Adventure and Love" takes us on a yearlong voluntourism adventure around the world as Major discovers the world as a volunteer immersing herself in the culture while covering a wide variety of projects from lion cubs and elephants, to kangaroos and monkeys, from a restoration project to a sustainability sanctuary, from a newspaper reporter to teaching English and more!  Major’s passion for helping the planet, her zany sense of humor and gift of storytelling will provide escape and inspiration to readers to live with passion and explore their place on the earth. "Smiling at the World" is a celebration - a story about love in its many forms – for wildlife, for the earth, for humanity and how a smile connects them all.


Reading "Smiling at the World" is like taking a year-long journey around the globe and making a new best friend in the process. Major unfolds her extraordinary adventures with vivid descriptions of colors and smells. She does a wonderful job of creating a sense of time and place. The reader gets to rejoice with the author over achievements and fell the pangs of loneliness. As the story evolves so does its author and it is nice to see her character change. Intentionally or not, Major also makes a good case for voluntourism. The idea of giving back while traveling seems possible, practical and responsible when described and lived by the author.


Seattle Times Best Seller List

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